James Smith using the SCIFIT for therapy

James Smith wanted to get back on his feet.


He had fallen at home, which led to a hospital stay after he was found to have sepsis, a blood infection. On top of that, he already had Parkinson’s disease.


Smith came to Life Care Center of Brookfield, Missouri, for rehabilitation so that he could get back to his previous level of independence. When he arrived, he was getting around in a wheelchair and could not walk without assistance because of his high risk of falling.


Physical, occupational and speech therapists worked with Smith five days a week to help him get back to his old self. PTs worked with him on balance activities to help him stand and walk safely. They helped him strengthen his muscles for more fluid motion and taught him good posture to help reduce his fall risk.


The occupational therapists worked with Smith on his activities of daily life, such as getting dressed and grooming. Speech therapists played their role in his recovery by helping him work on memory skills and problem solving.


“Jim was determined to improve his balance and to return home,” said Julie Dorrell, physical therapist assistant. “He was very motivated and eager to do therapy every day.”


On Feb. 10, Smith went home. Instead of a wheelchair, he was able to walk with a cane and able to take care of himself on his own again.


Therapy helped me get back on my legs and with a smile,” Smith said. “I am very happy, and I made a lot of friends and was well taken care of.”