Harvey Sherwood with Ryenn Watson, occupational therapist assistant

On Aug. 5, 2016, Harvey Sherwood came to Life Care Center of Brookfield, Missouri, for rehabilitation to recover from a stroke.


The stroke impacted Sherwood’s left side, leaving him unable to walk and struggling to complete basic activities like standing up, transferring from his bed to a wheelchair and even getting around in a wheelchair. He needed total assistance with things most of us take for granted, including brushing his hair, getting dressed and taking a shower. His thinking and language skills were also negatively affected.


Physical, occupational and speech therapists worked with Sherwood five days a week to help him regain strength, balance, coordination, normal speech and autonomy.


Neuro reeducation helped Sherwood a lot with his recovery, training his brain to connect with actual motion again. Patterned electrical stimulation on his arms and legs helped prime his muscles and joints for movement, and machines like the Omnicycle and SCIFIT stepper allowed him to exercise both sides of his body.


“Harvey was determined to regain function after his stroke,” said Megan Courtney, director of rehab. “He worked very hard and was always willing to do whatever the therapists asked of him.”


Sherwood returned home successfully on Sept. 28, walking, standing and transferring with supervision. He could use his wheelchair independently and take care of his own eating and grooming needs. His language skills had returned to normal, and he needed minimal assistance with bathing and getting dressed. He is continuing physical and occupational therapy at Life Care Center of Brookfield as an outpatient.


“I would recommend for anyone who needs therapy to come here,” said Sherwood. “The therapists put their full effort into getting you better.”